How to integrate an acquisition inside of 90 days

One of our clients hired The IT Squad to assist with a corporate merger, augmenting the existing IT staff, provide enterprise systems engineering, planning and implementation services.  This manufacturer had an existing headquarters in Minnesota and two plants; one in California and one in Virginia. In addition, they had a simple data network that was appropriate to their smaller, home-grown operation  but did not have the scalability to handle growth.  This company was acquired by an international company that wished to quickly grow its US operations.

Shortly after acquisition of this firm, the parent company directed them to search for potential acquisitions.  They were able to secure a contract to acquire four additional facilities scattered across the US.  These facilities were owned by a joint venture of two giant enterprise companies.  The acquisition of these four facilities required the integration of all systems, employees, contracts and facilities.  Due to regulatory requirements, a condition of the deal was that these companies would be off the seller’s IT infrastructure within 90 days.

Integration of these facilities meant a major effort to upgrade the capability of the accounting system, implementation of a private WAN network, implementation of a new phone system, systems management, physical and network security infrastructure, and a host of other systems.  In addition to implementing these enterprise systems, the infrastructure of each of the four new facilities had to be converted to run on the new network.  The two existing facilities plus the headquarters also had to be upgraded to handle these new systems.

In order to meet the time objectives and provide a more nimble and scalable infrastructure, several vendors were chosen with cloud capabilities, including a VOIP vendor, MPLS vendor, offsite data center, network security and monitoring, and helpdesk systems.